We are seeking volunteers interested in being a part of 100 Walkers, West Hollywood. You can read a complete description of the project here, but we’ve also prepared an FAQ below with the kinds of questions prospective volunteers might have. If your question is not answered, or if you’re ready to sign up, just contact Richard Kraft.

Q: When and where is the performance taking place?

100 Walkers, West Hollywood will be performed on Saturday, April 18th, 2015, beginning at 2:30pm. in West Hollywood Park on San Vicente Blvd.

Q: What does it mean to be a part of 100 Walkers?

You will be an integral part of a large-scale artwork that takes place outside in the real world where people are going about their daily lives. The ambition of the work is to unexpectedly shift the way in which they see the familiar world around them—as you enter their vision (whether for a blink or for a minute or two), your presence and the images/texts you are wearing are in effect collaged into that world, creating an unexpected and resonant juxtaposition.

That said, there will be quite a bit of time in which no one is watching, and the performance becomes about the act of walking, traversing the city—particularly one where few people walk. You will likely see the city itself differently, too, not only because other walkers will come into your vision, but because you will be moving through the city in a very different way. Many previous walkers have found the walk to be an exhilarating and a truly singular experience.

After the performance, there will be a party to celebrate and compare notes with other walkers!

Q: What does being a performer involve?

You are essentially a mobile sculpture, wearing a bowler hat, suit jacket and sandwich board with unique images/texts on the front and back. Because the sandwich board is the focal point, walkers are asked to maintain a neutral facial expression and walk at their normal pace (not too fast or too slow).

Each walker also has an individual route and will be provided with a detailed map that can be consulted during the walk. While each performer will walk alone, there will be multiple places where walkers will cross paths. If two or more walkers find themselves walking in the same direction, they can, at their discretion, decide to walk together for as long as their individual routes coincide.

Q: How long is the walk?

Each walk is 2-1/2 to 5 miles and will take between 2 to 4 hours, depending on how fast you walk. Most of the routes will be fairly flat but a few have hills.

Q: How are routes and sandwich boards assigned?

At random! Using chance operations each walker will be assigned a sandwich board and a route.

Q: Can I talk to passersby, or people who approach me?

People will likely ask questions and be quite curious! Since we ask walkers to remain silent for the duration of the piece, you will have a pocket full of what look like business cards to hand out (they have—like the sandwich boards—images and texts on them) to inquisitive pedestrians or drivers.

Q: What’s required once you’ve committed to volunteering?

Because we are depending on having exactly one hundred walkers, we need volunteers to make a firm commitment to attend both an orientation session and the performance.

To accommodate the number of volunteers and everyone’s various schedules, we are offering four orientation sessions. Three of them will be held in West Hollywood (Saturday April 11 at 11am, Sunday April 12th at 11am and Wednesday April 15th at 7pm) and one in Orange County (date and time TBA). You can choose which one works best for you (we’ll announce days/times soon). To walk (and to be assigned a route and a board) you must attend an orientation session.

During orientation, more precise instructions will be given and there will be time for (lots of) questions and answers. You’ll also receive a little limited edition booklet that’s made just for your route and sandwich board.

Q: What clothing items will be supplied? 

Bowler hats and, of course, sandwich boards will be supplied. When you sign up we will ask if you have the following: black pants, black t-shirt, dark suit jacket or blazer, good dark colored walking shoes. We cannot supply pants or shoes, but will have t-shirts and jackets available for those who need them.

Q: Where can I park my car?

Parking spaces will be reserved in the West Hollywood Library parking structure adjacent to West Hollywood Park. Carpooling is highly encouraged.