100 Walkers is an ongoing series of works that manifest as both actions and gallery installations. Actions have so far been performed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Wendover, Utah and Charlottesville, Virginia. In all the actions, walkers wearing unique sandwich boards move through the city or landscape, creating startling incongruities with their surrounding environment. These actions have involved anywhere from one to twenty-five performers.

In April, 2014, the largest iteration to date will be performed. 100 Walkers, West Hollywood, has been commissioned by the City of West Hollywood as part of the City's Thirtieth Anniversary celebrations. The piece will begin with all one hundred walkers assembled in a grid in West Hollywood Park. Slowly dispersing, each performer will walk a pre-determined route through the city before returning to his or her starting point. 

During each action the performers remain silent. Interaction with inquisitive passers by is confined to the handing out of a business card or flyer.

As a gallery installation, 100 Walkers consists of 8" tall cast figures (displayed either as a  grid or individually) each wearing unique sandwich boards.